{lauren and andy} premiere album | iowa city/coralville


Today I am sharing the flat artwork for a premiere we are prepping to order.  See up top, is the layout for the outside cover (as if it were open, facing down) so the couple smooching is the front and the floral is the back.  The black represents were the silk binding will be when its printed + assembled (fancy pants, right?!)

Enjoy the first couple pages of getting ready/before the ceremony!  These lay out across your lap as 24 inches across (the book shut is 12 x 12 inches):





The bride always gets shoe shots.  Like a million shoe shots.  So when Andy, an avid hunter, had his Nikes stashed in a corner, I was all like: on it.

Then came the ceremony in which L + A kept their composure (they both handled not seeing one another until the ceremony really great, props).  So without a first look page, I had another full page (bonus!) to use for spring trees at the Marriott.  I was so happy!




I included the group pages to prove they are not the worst thing in the world.  We know formals get a bad rep (groomsmen got the ants in the pants, there is a GAME on right now…or Uncle so-so is always an hour late to ALL family functions) and really how many photographers post sneak peeks of formals?  Huh?  Everyone thinks formals are boring, BUT we got a checklist.  We make you sit tight for an hour.  We might be the hated photographer, but ten/twenty years from now you will thank us.  They are timeless traditional pics that we encourage you to cherish + carve out time for on the wedding day.  Thank you Lauren for making sure your family formals were equally as valued as your portraits at the OC – I just loved this about you.






Here is those trees I speak of.  You know, the beautiful spring blooms that are very, very short-lived?  Photographers have two favorite weeks of the year.  The week the apple blossoms are in full swing…and the week (usually September-ish) when the leaves, in certain secret spots of ours, are radiating mustard yellow.




Thanks for coming along on this reminisce of the day with me!  I have a handful of premieres going out this summer (what am I talking about, its almost fall) so if you liked seeing samples, give me a shout + I will make sure to blog a couple more.


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{natalie and justin} wedding day


When I think of Natalie and Justin, I get a huge smile on my face.  Its hard not to.  They are that couple that is so, so kind + sincere that their positivity and sweetness is really contagious.

Natalie is obviously beautiful, thats no secret, with her flawless skin + lush hair and sparkly eyes, but her personality is caring, bursting with love, nurturing and sweet as pie.  Even during the toasts someone asked the room full of guests to stand up if any of their children were babysat by Natalie and it was so impressive and cute to see the relationships + love she has everywhere.

And she deserves the best!  Justin is such a gentleman that he even presented her with tissues before he serenaded her in front of every one of their guests.  Looking back at my shots from the ceremony I realize I barely shot.  I was totally engaged.  While he sang I, along with everyone else, drooled and savored the moment.  It was really cool to witness, so I really cannot imagine how beautiful + special Natalie felt.  He even played on his dream guitar (that Natalie gifted to him as a wedding gift, just prior to the ceremony).

And yes, thats impossible to top, eh?


We had rain in the forecast all day, which is a blessing and a curse for any photographer.

While we love the drama of a dark blue sky + heavy clouds; knocking out a series of beauty shots in ten minutes or less before it starts lighting is not our best idea of an adrenaline rush.  But you know what?  We secretly love that.  The thrill of outsmarting the elements is like, the greatest feeling ever.

Natalie-eveningBrenda at Town or Country did the flowers + decor, and she nailed it!

Hair {by kailee} whipped up all this beautiful hair in seriously about ten minutes.  With my bossy pants on, I told Kailee we had to move quickly, as the radar was showing big storms coming asap…we needed to get outside before it was too dark and too late (in her shoes, I would have been all: lay off lady, you are nuts) but challenge accepted and she cooled off a humid bridal neck and we all made a happy little team.  Thanks again Brenda + your hubby for hauling this bench along for me!  I saw this gem at church and fell in love, thank you for going above + beyond for your clients (and vendors)!

Congrats Natalie + Justin.  You guys are welcome to come over to our place and babysit our feisty toddler, and/or be my personal jukebox, b/c you guys are amazing and I already miss hanging out.

xo, MD


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sarah and jeff • wedding [iowa city]


Sarah and Jeff.  Ah, the most laid back couple ever and it was such a treat (and honor!) to (a quote from Sarah) just let the professionals do their thing.  She totally rolled, like when we suggested lets trek through a field of weeds (after it had poured and poured previously that week) or when we were like: is that cool we do formals outside, and when clouds disappear you just hang tight, then when the overcast is back, we just keep cruising?  And everyone (family, wedding party, everyone) was like: sweet, its a plan!

And normally the classic rule of wedding photographers is to not post formals, because they have this bad rep of being boring, traditional, standard shots.  But I must stay, the decision to do ALL formals outdoors at The Marriott (in the middle of the afternoon, in July, hear me out photographers) was an awesome risk I am SO glad we took … because they are beautiful!


Funny.  Every wedding I am uploading/blogging/album-ing…I relive the day and cute things come to mind.  I still cannot stop smiling thinking of the father of the bride.  His speech was one of my favorites!  He went on to explain that Jeff reassured him that the shorthand WTF obviously means Well Thats Fantastic!  What a good son-in-law!

And for the icing on the cake (sorry – terrible pun) he was like THE happiest dad during the father/daughter dance.  And I really through my lens felt like James is totally going to be that giddy when our little gal gets married.  I just felt genuinely happy during their dance, I could see how glowing he was – that stuck out in my mind.

Thanks S + J for such a cute day.  I miss you guys already.


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