brittany and eric | engaged | iowa city


Hi guys!  Its nasty gloomy today … the kind of snow thats leftover so its just brown and sandy.  Ha!  And then its raining.  So these images brighten today!  This was our last engagement session of the fall season and having it with Brittany and Eric I knew assured me we would go out with a bang!  Both are super athletic, personable, sweet and so so so nice and really – I went along and hung out but never once did I need to suggest poses (maybe I held the light shade for a handful of pics) but, they did all the work for us.  How seriously is anyone supposed to take a bad photo of them, geez!  That hair – that dress!  AH!

Brittany and Eric are part of the Drescher clan (ha!) – it will be actually very weird when the wedding is over.  They booked forever ago so its been years (!!) of emails, bumping into each other at sporting events, casual meetings which are supposed to be for wedding planning then we just gab (whoops) and its been awesome having their whole family involved and so excited about the process.  Its what a wedding is all about!  Congrats you two and SO looking forward to these gorgeous colors again for your fall wedding.  Thanks for being so fun and so easy to work with!

xo – MD


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Maggie and Drew :: Iowa City


Maggie and Drew!  Maggie has a smile thats so contagious!  And Drew was like the most easy going groom.  They were our last Iowa City wedding before I begin maternity leave and I am so so so happy they closed in the season on such a warm, memorable and light hearted day.  The kindness they showed to us makes me want to waddle my puffy feet out again this season before baby – if I was promised it would be as perfect as this day was!

Tomorrow I will deliver an image box to them and get to work on their album during maternity leave.  We shot double the amount of images we were supposed to so its going to be a fat album.  I miss you guys already.  Thanks again for such a perfect end to the Iowa City 2015 wedding season!

xo – MD


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[aaron and kelsey] iowa city | engagement session


Props go to Kelsey for picking the greatest outfits in accordance to the fall weather!  Ah swoon!  We had a tiny little window of opportunity where the leaves were vibrant and still hanging on.  If we would have waited – even a couple days – the leaves had blown away + trees were naked!  We typically have what we call like two or three *lucky winners* (ha) that scored big on fall leaves.  So glad Kelsey and Aaron got the perfect timing – now lets pray their October wedding next year is just as colorful!

Thanks guys for driving up from Dubuque to visit Iowa City (so nice of them, although they kept assuring us its cool, and they came for the burritos) – I still always really appreciate when couples love Iowa City and now more than ever with my baby bump feeling like I am carrying around a whale.  Thanks you two – and especially to Aaron for his childhood pet stories, which made me feel more accepted + less like a crazy cat lady … and Kelsey for being an awesome bridesmaid in a past wedding of ours and just trusting us to do our thing and rock it at her wedding now too!  I love chill, cute, sweet brides like her.  Girls like her remind me of why my job is just so great!

Thanks again you two.  And I leave you with … my favorite photo ever, below (Kelsey giving a kiss) – I really really wish I had a pic of James and I like this, because it would be printed on a huge canvas, decorating our home!

xo – and congrats to K + A!


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