sarah and jeff • wedding [iowa city]


Sarah and Jeff.  Ah, the most laid back couple ever and it was such a treat (and honor!) to (a quote from Sarah) just let the professionals do their thing.  She totally rolled, like when we suggested lets trek through a field of weeds (after it had poured and poured previously that week) or when we were like: is that cool we do formals outside, and when clouds disappear you just hang tight, then when the overcast is back, we just keep cruising?  And everyone (family, wedding party, everyone) was like: sweet, its a plan!

And normally the classic rule of wedding photographers is to not post formals, because they have this bad rep of being boring, traditional, standard shots.  But I must stay, the decision to do ALL formals outdoors at The Marriott (in the middle of the afternoon, in July, hear me out photographers) was an awesome risk I am SO glad we took … because they are beautiful!


Funny.  Every wedding I am uploading/blogging/album-ing…I relive the day and cute things come to mind.  I still cannot stop smiling thinking of the father of the bride.  His speech was one of my favorites!  He went on to explain that Jeff reassured him that the shorthand WTF obviously means Well Thats Fantastic!  What a good son-in-law!

And for the icing on the cake (sorry – terrible pun) he was like THE happiest dad during the father/daughter dance.  And I really through my lens felt like James is totally going to be that giddy when our little gal gets married.  I just felt genuinely happy during their dance, I could see how glowing he was – that stuck out in my mind.

Thanks S + J for such a cute day.  I miss you guys already.


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miriam and dylan {mozel tov!}

Mozel Tov – congrats to Miriam and Dylan! xo!

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[harrison] seniors • iowa city/iowa


Hey there folks!  Meet this handsome friend of ours from church, Harrison.  We took these images a while back, and I have been saving these to post for summer when senior sessions pick back up again.

In between video, weddings and some baby/family sessions sprinkled in, we are only going to take a handful of seniors this year, simply to insure everyone booked gets our ultimate attention and commitment!  So, if you were planning to book seniors: I advise: schedule for August or September (we are currently full for June July) and no later, so that you will have your wallets + yearbook goodies promptly ready.

Thanks again Harrison for an awesome session! MD

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