{adam and bridget} wedding | bella sala | iowa city


Yesterday I posted another pink/coral wedding to our Facebook page…apparently shades of pink is IT.  I love the pinks with touches of peach…I love the blush pinks…and in general just really surprise myself at how much I like it.  I have always been a green/charcoal kinda-girl (been to our studio? visited us on the web? extremely obvious).  Pink is abundant this year.  As is being totally personalized.  Bridget and Adam weaved golfing tidbits into cute little places all over the day – Adam popped the question at Torrey Pines…and we did engagement pics at Finkbine…and James kept his summer rounds of golf receipts paper clipped together labeled: location scouting (small business write offs and perks, eh?).

Bridget and Adam – you two were/are an absolute delight to work with!  Thank you for being so ambitious and sweet this fall – we miss you!



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RORY CHARLES | six months already!

Rory-treeYou met Mr. Rory as a newborn…can you believe he is six months already?!

Melissa and Joe are awesome…and I already raved enough about him, and their wedding, and my love for those chubby cheeks, oh-my!

So – here are the photos, to save you my babbling!


Love this little nugget!  My favorite facial expressions of R:

Rory-bowtieAnd lastly – Melissa stacked all his handmade (with love!) blankets!  Seriously cute!

Thanks again guys…ridiculously excited about the next time we get to photograph this little dude.

Wow.  I have some serious baby fever.  I take that back.  Correction: I have some serious BABY BOY fever!

Happy weekend.



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the johnson family {one little munchkin…one on the way}

johnson-brickKyle and Danielle are a former couple of ours!  Geez oh geez.  Thinking of our relationship actually makes me feel like an old fart.  I knew Kyle through friends of friends in college, so here and there the group had a beer together.  Fast forward a tad and we shot one of their friends weddings…who were small-town friends of Danielle…and before we knew it, everyone was one big happy family getting hitched, having babies and going to bed at a reasonable time.  Seriously.  In the blink of an eye, college is a lifetime ago and here we are…all grown-up.  You know, discussing diaper rashes…and potty training…and swaddling techniques.  No more flippy cup.  Its SIPPY cup now?!

Congrats to this radiant momma who not only made this hat for little Faye, but braved the cold this day {it was freeezing} without a peep of complaint.  So excited (and anxious) to meet your second little nugget – soon!




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